Sell your house in Falkirk

Jodie didn’t have a certificate of completion for a small kitchen renovation she’d made to her home in Falkirk. She’d simply forgot to sort it out at the time. The buyers were happy to go ahead anyway but changed their minds at the last possible moment.  It was December and Jodie was due to move to St Andrews in January.

So she decided to get in touch with us. The money was in her account in just 48 hours. And she was able to move to St Andrews in the new year.

“My buyers pulled out at the last minute because I didn’t have a certificate of completion. So I was really happy when Property Buyer Scotland made me an offer for my home in Falkirk so fast. They were really easy to deal with.”

What do our happy sellers have to say?

Time really was of the essence! I was keen to move away from Balloch as soon as possible. And Property Buyer Scotland made it all happen.

- Li Na, Balloch

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