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Ended up getting more money than promised
As the company were buying our property direct and advised us that they now had a cheaper funding option they offered us a better deal and we were then able to achieve a higher sale price for our flat. We didn't live in Edinburgh so selling direct made life so much easier as our tenants were able to stay on and we got rent right up to do of sale
, Edinburgh Jul 19, 2012

Sell in winter

Sell in winter

The days are definitely becoming shorter. It’s dark when the alarm goes off for work. The heating’s on more than before. Yes, winter is coming!!

If you are considering moving home then invariably it will mean having to sell in winter. It’s not the end of the world but it can be slightly more difficult making a house as attractive over the winter months.

Sell in winter

When aiming to sell in winter try and create the exact opposite of winter feelings inside your home.

It may seem obvious but even having the heating on throughout the home before a viewer arrives will help create a cosier impression.

If you are going to re-decorate, remember that white is a cold feeling colour and it will create a colder vibe. Off whites, warmer colours will help create a warmer feeling in the house.sell in winter

Take care of any DIY issues if you want to sell in winter, for example any leaks or drafts from doors, windows or roofs should all be attended to. There’s no worse impression than that of a home that isn’t weatherproof. It may be obvious, but smaller issues may not put off potential buyers in the summer months – but if you are focussed to sell in winter allowing a budget to cover these areas will help.

Lighting can really help you in the winter months. A well lit room can appear larger, cosier and more inviting. Be careful not to “overlight” as this will have the opposite effect.

Something else to bare in mind is to keep your hallway clear and uncluttered. If the kids have kicked off their wellies, ripped off their winter jackets, hats and scarves – make sure to have them all neatly away from your entrance before a viewing. To sell in winter you want your home to avoid all possible instant “no’s” that you have control over.

Sell in winter quickly and hassle free!!

If you would like to sell your property without fuss, get in touch with us today by filling out our online forms and we will contact you as soon as possible.