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Wish is had gone with you guys before
We were promised a a quick sale from various companies and in actual fact only came back to you when an other company failed. Just delighted that despite the fact the flat next door had suffered serious fire damage we were able to sell the flat and move on
, Tillicoultry Aug 8, 2011

Sale fallen through?

Your house is cleaned from top to toe, the kids have been sent to the grand parents, the dog is locked up in the garage, fresh lilly’s in the lounge smell fantastic and the bathroom is gleaming like an 80′s Jif advert.

The estate agent begins to send the viewers to the house, they like it, they love it, but they can’t get funding, the banks will not lend and there is no offers on the table.

The weeks turn into months, the home report need refreshed, the estate agent stops getting viewers, the process grinds to a halt, the dream of a new home and life is fading.

This is not just your experience, your not the only person in this scenario, the UK property market has ground to a halt, banks are still not lending to first time buyers or those without impeccable credit ratings, and it becomes even more difficult to sell your home, thousands of people are stuck just like you with no one to offer on there home.

This is how we can help, we have funds, we can offer on your home today.

We can buy your home today.

Please, if you are one of the thousands who can’t sell then please be proactive, let us help you.

Pick up the phone or fill in our form and get your property sold today.

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