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Fair price for both parties
After being unsure to sell this investment property in Glasgow's west end, i was offered what i deemed to be a fair price and the sale was concluded within a few weeks.
, Glasgow West End May 19, 2011

Financial Difficulties

Financial concerns come in all shapes and sizes,  cause all sorts of worries and can so often be solved by getting the best advice.

Sometimes you may not need to sell your house,  there may be other options, but what you have to do now is take action.

If there are letters piling up,  please call us for advice.

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Bankruptcy in Scotland is sadly now common place.

Insolvency practitioner’s like Wylie & Bisset are receiving almost 100 new cases a day.

We are experienced with dealing with bankruptcy cases.

We can purchase your house within in 7 days and that can often stop any further action.

We are an established property buying company and have the funds to buy your home in a matter of days.

Be careful of the borrowing cycle.

It is harder now to borrow money than ever before, sometimes borrowing will not get you out of debt, sometimes a quick sale of your property will release the equity you need to pay off debts and move on with your life.

Borrowing in the hope “it will all get better” can or will end in insolvency or bankruptcy.

Please let us help, fill in our form and let us do a little research and we will be in touch today.