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Achived a quick house sale where other couldnt
Despite the fact that our property was non standard construction we are we able to sell the property and move on with our lives.
, Linwood Oct 3, 2011

Estate Agents

Estate Agents

The topic of estate agents crops up frequently, and everyone has varying opinions on them. Some are harsh and some favour them – usually all down to past experience.

With the “online estate agency” industry growing and becoming more standard, I understand why more and more sellers question why they would still sell with traditional estate agents.


Estate Agents – Do they deserve their commission?

Again this is something that could be debated all day long. Some sellers may feel that an estate agent receiving a commission of generally between 1-2% of your sale price is too hefty where as others may feel this a deserved amount.

To be honest, there’s no right or wrong answer – some estate agents may work incredibly hard for their money, some may not, so make sure and do your research before choosing an estate agent if at all.

estate agents

If I sell to Property Buyer Scotland vs using an Estate Agent?

When selling your home there are various points of importance to consider.

Firstly – you NEED an offer to sell your home. Without an offer, nothing happens. We can provide a speedy offer to you. So you are GUARANTEED to sell your home.

Secondly – generally we will be able to buy your property much quicker than a standard buyer.

Thirdly – we pay your legal fees – so selling your home to Property Buyer Scotland won’t cost you anything.

When you compare the above to the process of going through an estate agent you see the time and money that you can save – Fill out the form on our homepage today to let us help you move on.


Please visit Property Buyer Scotland today and fill out our form with as much information as you can. We will reply as soon as possible to your enquiry.